mercredi 29 mai 2013

African flower sugary bowl

I made this little bowl some months ago and my husband discreetly hid it away in a cupboard. I did forget about it until I spoke to a colleague of mine about crocheted African flowers and what you can do with them. I think this little bowl turned out really nice. So now it's on the table again, hehe

dimanche 12 mai 2013

samedi 11 mai 2013

quilted tablecloth, birthdaypresent

Made this little tablecloth to my goddaughter who newly got her apartment.
It turned out really nice. I hope she will like it.
Hmm, in real it looked more straight. Have to check this out, before giving it tomorrow.

Quilted tablecloth

We need some more colors in our home so I decided to quilt a new tablecloth in the colors blue and red. This morning I cut out all the pieces I need.

New crochet project

I got all these lovely colors from my good friend, Anette at "my rose valley".
The yarn is 50% cotton and 50% acrylic and is called Tilda. She bought it in Sweden. They have really lovely colors and it's great to work with.
I'm going to make a summer scarf with all these green Maybelle flowers.